Roundtable introductions - ClearCalcs Calculator Builder

Take a moment to tell us about yourself:

  • What name do your friends know you by?
  • How would you best describe the work that you do?
  • What is something that has got you curious recently?
  • What do you want to build with the ClearCalcs Calculator Builder?
  • Most of my friends call me Julian while a few use ‘Jules’ (if I could change the world, it would be ‘Joules’…)
  • I am a software developer here at ClearCalcs since 2022 and prior to that, a field process engineer working in heavy manufacturing. I am here within the Blueprint community as one of your facilitators during this beta testing program for our new Calculator Builder product.
  • I have been absorbed by this geeky book called ‘The Design of Everyday Things’ by Don Norman, and the author goes into incredible detail into how the things we commonly use - think doors, light switches and faucets - can range from beautiful and effortless to terrible and frustrating. Great insight into how awesome (and not so awesome) design gets build!

Hi Team,

My name is Bryce and I’ve been a long term supporter of the clearcalcs team and the idea of the builder.

I am a Senior Civil/Structural Engineer with a company called Hatch and have over a decade of experience in the Water, Oil & Gas, and Infrastructure sectors, delivering technical, project management and construction phase services during that time. But that’s the official blurb, these days my work fronts are as a Lead Independent Reviewer for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project Construction Phase (onsite surveillance) and Moonlighting as the Temporary Works Structural Lead in Melbourne.

With my 2 young boys at home (Ollie 4 and Archer 5) life is quite busy, be it a very good busy. Though outside of work and the family adventures, I’ve begun brainstorming ideas for a YouTube channel focused on structural engineering tips and cool projects, as I’ve always enjoyed sharing advice to people entering the industry. Touch base with me in a year to see how I went haha.

Regarding the builder I’m hoping to get a better ‘Mathcad’ that can utilize ‘calculation modules’ bolted together to allow fast bespoke calculations that I regularly have to create in the retrofit and temporary works spaces. I’m also a strong believer in visualization throughout a calculation to ensure the checker can follow any complex load paths, so hoping to get an easy way to create diagrams or uploadable ‘sketches’. But that’s enough of a wish list.

Overall I’m looking forward to working with the development team to produce something the industry sorely needs to both increase quality and speed, as we are all feeling the engineering resource crunch.

Hi everyone,

My name is Jesse.

Like Bryce, I have been practicing as a temporary works design engineer. I have worked at a company called Witt Consulting for almost 4 years doing temporary works designs for large government infrastructure projects such as the Rozelle Interchange and Sydney Gateway.

I am quite curious about the computational side of engineering which has led me to this forum. I have spent hundreds of hours creating some open source engineering tools in python for fun (GitHub - JesseBonanno/IndeterminateBeam: A solver for 1D indeterminate beams is my most starred) . About a year ago i decided i should turn my curiosity into a degree while I am still young and i am now halfway through a Masters of IT which I am studying at UNSW.

Temporary works tends to require designs with an extremely quick turn around which some level of automation is required to achieve. I am hoping to be able to use the Calculator Builder to build some tools for specific temporary works calculations that I do often at work (Ie service impact assessments) which will allow for clean, fast reports and collaboration with others. I also have jobs where it may be useful to be able to ‘pick and choose’ from calculation templates to build a new one and so i am hoping that this might also be a feature. Also there are times where an iterative approach is needed to determine what values might be appropriate for a design and for this graphing may be helpful.

I am looking forward to watching the evolution of the Calculator Builder and to see how myself and others can apply it to real world applications.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Seij and I’m a practicing Civil Engineer in California. My past experience has been in the design of light frame residential structures and commercial structures. I currently work for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where I design seismic anchorage of scientific equipment and act as an AHJ for external structural engineering designs.

I am particularly interested in bringing structural engineering into the ‘modern era’ by making civil engineering education more accessible (I’ve been working on an education website for a while) and making the profession more attractive to the next generation. That’s part of what interested me in ClearCalcs in the first place, and now especially with the Calculator Builder.

Being able to have a web-based custom calculation system makes sense to me as the next step in making design teams more efficient. I want to try and see how my team could offload some of our extensive Mathcad collection into the Calculator Builder. End goal would be to eventually transition away from our current model of everyone putting together their own calculations instead of having ‘pre-approved’ modules on the web.

Looking forward to helping out with the builder!

Hey Bryce, great to see you on here in Blueprint! We are actively working on the Diagram widget to enable visualisation through a dynamic/interactive diagram, and we also hear you on just being able to rapidly upload handwritten sketches.

Below is a screenshot of tinkering around with a Diagram widget that adjusts its colours based on changing the dropdown selections:

Welcome to Blueprint, Jesse! Super exciting to hear the work you’ve done with IndeterminateBeam when we last spoke :fire:

Hey Seij, welcome! I still remember learning from you about ‘non structural component anchorage’ during the call and now about - that’s awesome!

We’ve been cooking up lots of ideas around how to make the Calc Builder more friendly to experts in Mathcad. The concepts of units and modular calculators are near the top of the list