Section Properties Mathcad template in ClearCalcs demo + publishing update

Hello everyone!

First up for this week is a demonstration video by @michael on how to go about creating a calculator for a ‘Section Properties of Built-Up Steel Sections’ Mathcad template inside ClearCalcs.

The demo can be found on this Loom recording here.

In the video, Michael walks through creating the Section, Input and Equation widgets you would need to recreate the final results. There is also a sneak peek at what’s coming up in the pipeline for Publishing and getting your Calculator Builder templates into the real world!

@Seij, I think this would be particularly interesting for you. Keen to hear what you think on this!


@jessebonanno and @brycefryar - not at the level of modular calcs or units handling just yet, but an example of taking a Mathcad calc into ClearCalcs with the soon-to-be-unlocked superpower of being able to share through Publishing

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Hi Everyone, I’ve recorded a different approach for the same calculator, leveraging our builders’ advanced array operation functions. Our maths syntax is driven by and like MathCad, this allows for performing the same calculation on each item in the array.

Using Array Operations to Improve Built-up Section Calculator

Please don’t hesitate to ask for advice or we get on a call on how you can leverage some of these functions to convert your calculations. We have a team of structural engineers, including myself, who have extensive experience with creating common structural calculations with the builder.