Beam calculation display panel width

The width of the panel on the left of the screen is fixed at a width that is typically narrower than my beam calc labels/sheet names. It would be great if this could be increased by setting or default, or able to be stretched by the user. I see only about the first 20 characters on my screen.

Hi @WilsonEngineers what’s your general screen resolution you’re working with here? We’re discussing what we can do with widths on much wider/high res screens as we’re now seeing more of these.

That said, to immediately help here, is the hover tooltip helpful? (see below?). We don’t truncate the name here. That said, it currently requires a second to show up, so we could perhaps make this far faster so you can over and instantly see?

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I have 24in screens. I don’t even know what the resolution is but it’s high enough that either smaller font or stretching the panel would not be an issue.

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