Calculation reports should include property location/address

The title of this post is self-explanatory. Why do the project reports not include this information?

Similarly, can the option to turn off some project defaults be included? Most of my calculations include only a few checks and most of the defaults are irrelevant. For example, today’s calculation is for an exterior sign with a steel post “column” and a pier footing. This takes only a few minutes to create but then I have to also take the time to go through the project defaults and update those so my report doesn’t look stupid. Ceiling loads, default floor loads, building geometry, etc. I appreciate all the default options, but it would be equally helpful if I could selectively deactivate some of these from any project so that they don’t print. In this case, I would want only the default wind info, Code, and site parameters to show.

And one last suggestion while I am at it… The report heading section should format the same on each page. If I click through my 6 page report for this sign, the size/format of the title box looks different on pages 1-3. This is a minor thing, but it’s still a thing.

Hi James, thanks for the great suggestions here. Really good point re addresses! May I ask where you’d expect to see this? Just on the title page, or on each page in the header? Only issue I can see us running into with adding it to every single header block is page space is already cramped so we’d need to consider how we’d solve for that - but it’s a great suggestion!

Regarding print header being different on each page, this sounds like it might be a bug - can you please share a copy of the PDF to and the team can investigate?

Regarding selective project defaults (and selective print in general), this is something we’d love to offer but is likely still a while away as it has a raft of challenges we’ll need to address. As a thought bubble - would it be acceptable to you if you could toggle print behaviour for each widget in the sidebar? I imagine you would also want this to be ‘remembered’ if you copied that same project as a template?

Regarding the address, I’d put it right in with Project: box. I think a simple one line street address might be enough just to tie the calculation to the job.

I’ll email the example report. I have a couple of other suggestions in the pdf.

I typically don’t print out the project defaults so this isn’t really something I am searching for. However, it is also because I have been ignoring defaults altogether because there are so many that don’t apply to any one project of mine. There’s also the other problem that just because the page lists project defaults, it doesn’t mean those are the loads used in the analysis. It is too easy to override those in the individual calculations for whatever reason. For example, floor loads - there are often different floor loads used and that can’t be captured in one default. And if I am quickly checking a single beam, I’m going straight to the beam calc page and entering my loads there.

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@WilsonEngineers quick update for you here - we’ve done a user survey on this and a majority are affirmative. Interestingly a substantial number don’t set address at all so we’re doing some quick investigation whether these are the ones that said no thanks (because it would be redundant). Also double checking who might be using address in project name right now and might be put out by the double up.

Confirming we’ll be adding this in our next development cycle.