Set up your own loads to link in US Project Defaults

We’ve heard quite a few times that it would be useful to set custom loads that can then be linked directly into various calculations, instead of having to manually enter them each time. We’re all about saving time, so this is right up our alley!

You’re now able to create your own custom set of distributed loads in Project Defaults, and link them to any calculator that takes distributed loads. Since it’s a load link, you can be confident that updating the loads in project defaults will always re-run the checks on your calculations as well.

Watch a video where I outline how it works here:

New Feature: Custom Load Inputs 👀 - Watch Video


I don’t see this yet in my project defaults.

Hi @WilsonEngineers I should have mentioned it! You’ll want to create a new project for this feature to show up.

A quick observation on this…

There is a custom Floor Load already in there with a with a 5ft trib load. It’s no issue if this is intentional, but I expected the custom list to be blank unless otherwise edited.


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Couple thoughts on this, mostly on the printout side. The functionality is working pretty good so far.

The “Project Defaults - CUSTOM NAME” on the printout for each applied dist. load is a little cumbersome, especially if you get lots of applied loads. Curious If we could have the option to do something like “CUSTOM NAME - Default” with Default in italics or something nondescript. Couple ideas below.



Jesse - sorry to reply so late! Love the great feedback here. The label showing up has to do with how we’ve implemented project defaults, agreed it’s not ideal! I’ve shared this with the and we’ll look at what we can do.