Footing sizes should be reported in square/rectangular dimensions on the schedule

The member schedule reports footings in terms of quantity of concrete in yd^3.

I would find this much more useful if it was calling out the dimensions in LXWXD for my purposes.


@MaxStability I agree but I would also like to see reinforcing noted as well. To work around this I add the size and reinforcing to the label to help me double check my drawing schedules. These of course have to be manually input and adjusted if they are changed.

I just realized typing this that I could add the information to the comments box but since it is at the very bottom of the page I doubt I will remember to add this.

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Thank you @MaxStability and @PG218 for these feature requests.! We appreciate your feedback and suggestions for new features. Your ideas about improving the member selector are valuable to us, and I’ve added it to our list of potential enhancements. Please understand that while we prioritize our work based on feedback from users like you, we have other competing priorities as well. As a result, we may not be able to implement this feature immediately.

If you have any other suggestions or features you’d like to see in our software, please feel free to share them with us. Your input helps us improve our product for everyone.

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@MaxStability do you ever use Quantity view or only List view? (top right tab). Would your request hold for both?


@PG218 great hack with the naming and good note re comments as well - we’re looking at ways we can make this higher up or editable in the schedule itself.

If we were to add the reo notes in, what format would you want it to appear? Would you want it as a separate row in the member and quantity list? An excel mockup of how you think it should look would be super helpful if you don’t mind sharing.

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@chris.borzillo In excel, you can use the function ‘concatenate’ to string together parts of calculations for the final sizing. I don’t know if there is a programming equivalent to where you can add information to the member. I bring this up because I think it might be easier to add additional information to the member rather than an additional column. This is how I think it should look in the Clearcalcs schedule.

This would make it extremely easy to check and double check that the correct size and spacing makes it onto the drawing footing schedule. Below is what my footing schedules look like on my drawings. Most of my work is custom residential homes so the quantity information isn’t typically requested of me thus the quantity column isn’t useful to me personally at this time.

@chris.borzillo I would want it the same row that wraps. I have overlooked the quantity list and don’t use this function at this time.

I don’t generally use the quantity tab, but I would imagine that the quantity could be useful for someone’s purposes (estimating). I think dimensions would be good just on the list tab.