Glulam beam designs - product list keyed to manufacturer's products

The glulam option for beam designs does not list any manufacturers. The only way to select a beam is to use brute force to select the grade based on technical nomenclature (24F-V4 for example) and a size from a very long list of sizes, most of which are not available.

It would be much easier and practical if the glulam list went by manufacturer and market available sizes. Start with the Anthony Power Beam catalog as any glulam beam I size is based on that list. Add in pressure-treated options as well.

Hey @WilsonEngineers thanks for bringing this up! Indeed we only show the technical grades right now in our selector.

We do have a matching key for BoozerBeams and Anthony beams since they seem to be the most common manufacturers with their own nomenclature. It’s not quite as integrated as having it directly in ClearCalcs, but hopefully it saves you a minute next time!

How am I supposed to be able to use the matching key? I tried to create a custom glulam beam but got only this page with no options with any of the selections.
Anthony and Boozer don’t even list as manufacturers and I can’t manually enter any options in now.

I just answered my own question. I have to create a custom species from scratch listed as type “dimension lumber”. I had the “no” box selected on my first attempt. Uggh. lol