Missing support locations on beam output

The beam output page (pasted to this message) does not indicate where the supports are located under a beam section. The inspector saw the installed product on a particular job currently under construction but couldn’t verify that the piers were in the right place. He subsequently flagged this item of work until the design can be resubmitted and the field condition verified to match.

Is it possible that the span lengths or support locations can be added to the output to avoid this again in the future?


I’m sorry for any inconvenience you experienced; that sounds frustrating. If you download the detailed report, you’ll find a key properties section that includes a table with the support locations you’re looking for. I have included some screen shots. If this was not what you were looking for, please let me know and I can assist you further.

Thank you, but…

This situation is related to a building inspector who repeatedly finds new ways to reject every-day things. And this old school builder can’t read a single-page printout or follow proper plans let alone grasp a multi-page report.

Hence, my recommendation is to see if span information can be added to the summary version of the calcs.