Option to modify standard truss type options

Is there a way to modify the members of one of the standard selectable truss types?

For example, I have recently been tasked with reviewing two different scissor trusses with an added king post in the middle. It’s easy enough to create a custom truss but it would be even easier if I could just add a member connecting those two nodes together after starting with standard scissor truss type.

Alternately, perhaps this truss type could be added to the list of selectable truss types.

Hi @WilsonEngineers - great question! At the moment, the list is unfortunately fixed to the pre-coded sections we’ve done based on the most common options. We’re working on adding capability to specify custom sections and your own databases but this is still a ways off. For now, I’d suggest creating a template project to house any custom truss types you’ve done and then using our “copy to project” function in the top right of a calculator that lets you send that calc to another project (so you can reuse earlier designs).

That said, if you’ve find you’ve got some layouts that are very common in your area you’d like us to add capability for, feel free to share a link to the team and we can see if we can get it added to the wizard library.