Alternate steel shape options

Can solid steel bars/plates be added to the list of structural shapes available in the steel beam design module? Alternately, how about the ability to create a custom steel shape, much like the wood beam module allows custom wood shapes? I have a situation where I need to check a steel plate being used as a beam within a wood section but without considering any of the properties of the wood. It’s kind of like a steel plate being attached to the face of a wood stud wall to allow an opening below, or a flitch beam where the wood sections are insignificant. Not exactly, but similar to that.

Absent an option for a custom shape, or simply for an option with a flat bar, I tried to fake a result by using the flitch beam option. However, the module requires the wood to be taller than the steel plate. I then created a deeper custom wood shape of 0.01 thickness, but the program doesn’t consider the steel for shear, so that approach also has a failing result.

That was a fun little exercise, but it wasn’t a viable work-around.

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I would like custom shapes to be added as well. I have a project using Fortress floor joists that are thin gauge HSS sections.

This could be very handy. To add to the list would be the ability to use a custom shape for one span, say a cantilever, and then a standard shape for the rest of the span. For instance a W-Section shaped to a WT-Section at the cantilever.