Steel Moment Frames & Moment Connections

I consistently design steel moment frames and moment connections for residential houses. This is becoming more and more common with the open floor plan concept where wood shear walls are not possible. Adding these calculators to clearcalcs would really help eliminate other software I currently use to satisfy these conditions.


Thanks Nick for your post :pray:! Your feedback is super important to us as we’re always looking for ways to improve ClearCalcs. We understand the importance of steel moment frames and moment connections in residential construction, especially when wood shear walls may not be possible.

I’ve noted your request as a feature suggestion. Your input is valuable to us, and we’ve added it to our list of potential improvements.

Please understand that while we prioritize our work based on feedback from users like you, we also have other ongoing projects and commitments. Therefore, it may take some time before we can implement this specific feature. However, please know that we are actively considering it for future updates.

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