Circular Concrete Column (AU) - Share your inputs with us!

Are you designing with circular concrete columns? If so, we want your input here!

We are planning our calculator development for the year, and one of the calculators most requested for the AU calculator library is the circular concrete column calculator.

If you’re designing with circular concrete column, share with us:

  • How are you currently doing the calculation (manual or hand calculation, other software)?
  • What are you trying to achieve with the calculation, i.e., capacity check, member selection/quantity, etc?
  • What is your workflow when you design a circular concrete column, is it as part of a complete residential structure, a one-off design project, etc.?

Share your answers below, and we’ll incorporate them into our planning over the next few months!

Some of the use cases highlighted by ClearCalcs users are below.

I’m looking for biaxial bending capacity of reinforced circular concrete column

We need calculations for circular concrete columns and 2-way span concrete slabs, they are frequently needed. For concrete design, reinforcement grade is only the current 500MPa, but our work frequently require assessment of old structures, which use 250 and 400MPa grade reinforcement. Please add historical reinforcement grades.

Recently I design the bored pile retaining wall
for the basement used as a car park and try to use ClearCalcs to design it and found that the circular concrete column design is not included in your concrete design package to which only the rectangle concrete column and square column are included in the design package. In this connection, could you please include the circular column in your design package.

A central short circular column, 300mm in diameter, supports approximately equal arrangements of beams. The column carries an axial load of 780KN. Design the column using 20–250 concrete

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