Eccentric Column Locations on Footings (AU) - Share your inputs with us!

Are you designing footings with eccentric columns? If so, we want your input here!

We are planning our calculator development for the year, and one of the features most requested from users designing to Australian standards is the ability to deal with eccentric columns, i.e. the column is not located in the footing’s centre of gravity.

If you’re designing footing with eccentric columns, share with us:

  • How are you currently doing the calculation (manual or hand calculation, other software)?
  • What are you trying to achieve with the calculation, i.e., capacity check, member selection/quantity, etc?
  • What is your workflow when you design eccentrically loaded footings? Is it as part of a complete residential structure, a one-off design project, etc.?

Share your answers below, and we’ll incorporate them into our planning over the next few months!

  1. we use a spreadsheet that has been developed inhouse
  2. uplift with moment calculations
  3. part of a portal frame design
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  1. Bearing pressure and stability check using US version of ClearCalc footing design modulus, Reo. check using AU version of footing design, hand check for uplift.

  2. A footing that works with the loading, including bearing pressure, uplift, reo. arrangement, overturning, sliding, etc.

  3. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, all kinds of project that have space constraints which lead to a footing with eccentric loading.

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Thank you for your inputs here @Messer and @Jingfeng_Xiong, really valuable to understand your use cases here.

Our engineers will ask follow up questions here if/when they have any. :pray:t5:

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Thanks for your inputs guys and welcome to our Blueprint Community, this is very much appreciated!

@Messer hopefully after we implement this feature you’ll replace the spreadsheet with our footing module!

@Jingfeng_Xiong this is a smart workaround, but we want you to be able to use our AU footing calculator only!

@Messer @Jingfeng_Xiong I’d imagine you usually design these footings near the boundary wall, therefore you need to be able to input eccentric columns, am I correct?

Thank you :pray:

Most fo our pad footings are eccentric to some degree, do to us wanting to keep the footings under the slab, so yes important.