Can I move a CMU wall to edge of footing in CC?

Okay guys. Dumb yourself down for a moment. An architect here. I’ve use the CMU wall module and the Wall Footing for a 60 ft long, 7’ high freestanding wall. Wonderful stuff. However, the client sees the wall in the middle of a 5’ x 1’ footing. He wants the wall on the edge of the footing (property line). Is there a module in CC where I can move the wall over? I’m toying with the retaining wall module with 5" of backfill (the concrete slab). Otherwise, I have to resort to hand calcs (horrors!)… Please advise!

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Hi @Paul, thank you for reaching out! I tried to understand the situation on Friday, but I think my tired brain was getting the best of me at the end of the week. I revisited it today, but I’m still having trouble visualising it.

Could you please provide a cross-section or sketch of the current setup and where you’d like to move the wall? This will help me understand the scenario more clearly.


Here’s what I have:

and here’s what I want:

Hi @Paul thanks for sending the sketch, now it’s easier to understand! Ok, you want an eccentric loaded wall footing. The calculator always assumes that the wall is centred on the footing - there are no options for adding the eccentricity. I understand this is a very common design situation and 'll take it as a feature request. I just added it to our to do list, however I don’t promise you we’ll implement this very soon as we have other competing priorities.

There is a workaround that allows you to check the bearing capacities. You can manually calculate the moments caused by the vertical loads x eccentricity and add them to the loading table. However this approach is not valid for the other checks, such as bending and shear capacities - only for bearing capacities.

I hope it helps!

Thanks! Sadly, this afternoon the contractor said that the client can’t afford it. However, I know it’s only a matter of time before I’ll encounter this again.

Thanks for putting it on the “feature request”, along with the others I’ve sent in.

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