ClearCalcs usage so far in 2024

I have become as dependent on ClearCalcs as I am on using Tedds, my other engineering software of choice. So far this year, I have used ClearCalcs to check a beam or more on 45 different projects, in addition to my leftovers from last year.

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We love to hear this @WilsonEngineers! Would you be open to sharing how you use ClearCalcs for your business for a case study interview with us? Let me know, and I’ll send you an email.

I’m also curious: How are you using Tedds to complement ClearCalcs as a tool? Is it for more complex analysis or for using calculators that are currently unavailable on our platform?

Uh, maybe…

I use Tedds for very different reasons. The bulk of my work is engineering for building facade and architectural miscellaneous metals. I have been customizing my calcs for years in a program (Tedds) that feels like a combination of mathcad, excel and Microsoft Word in one document. My custom calcs are completely and highly unique, and irreplaceable for me at this point.

My ClearCalcs work is for residential and light commercial - simple beam/column/footing designs. Most of my CC jobs have less than 6 calculated items in them.

Two different tools for two very different types of structural engineering.

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Great insights Jim - Tedds for Word is a really great tool. We’re looking forward to rolling out our own similar capability over the course of this year as we try and put an end to the spreadsheet!