Hi, I'm Tyler, an engineer based in Idaho

I am an engineer with Maxwell Structural Design Studio in Ketchum, Idaho specializing in custom residential and light commercial structural design and engineering. I have been a ClearCalcs user on and off for 5+ years and am leading the charge for our small team of 4 engineers and 2 architects to switch full time to ClearCalcs from EnerCalc. The load linking tool and ability to input formulas using tags from other areas of the same calculation is a game changer for me.

Thanks for the great product.


Hey Tyler! Welcome to Blueprint, awesome to have you onboard! I’m curious, are there any useful formulas you can share?

Let us know if you run into issues doing your full transition to ClearCalcs - we’re here to make that as easy as possible :slight_smile:

Ps: Big hot springs lover here which puts Idaho high on the travel list!

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