Hey, this is Colton

My name is Colton, I’m a Structural Engineer (SE) with JKAE in Reno, NV where we deal with major snow and seismic loads around the Lake Tahoe region.

I was invited here by Laurent while complaining about ACI 318-19’s new foundation shear equation. But, I’ll create a separate post for that.

ClearCalcs tackles load-linking in an exceptional way and that’s what sold me and our company to join. So, it’s tough coming up with a new module suggestion. I have not seen a steel-composite beam module yet though. That would greatly help my larger commercial and educational projects.

Anyways, happy to be here and looking forward to the growth.


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Welcome to the community, @Colton.JKAE!

Love to hear about the impact of load linking to your company. I’ll make sure our team note your point here about the steel composite beam module :point_left:t4: @lgerin @brooks.smith.

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Tremendous :joy:

We love each and every idea!