Do you have project photos to showcase with ClearCalcs?

Hey everyone!

We want to highlight more of your amazing projects with ClearCalcs. Do you have site or project photos you can share?

We will put the photos on the ClearCalcs website in various locations to share with others how engineers, designers, and architects all around the world use ClearCalcs.

Post your photo here or send it to me at

See an example below how we might use the photo:

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If you’re curious, the photo above is from MAFI’s telecom mounting solutions. They use ClearCalcs to calculate the different factors like wind force and loads so customers can choose the right brackets from their product catalog.

You can read more about it here: MAFI Group | ClearCalcs

We just published a second project photo from our users on the ClearCalcs site!

This is a residential design by Jason from J Michael Engineering, LLC, for his customer in New Mexico. Jason used several calculators for this project, such as the Steel Beam & Column calculator and the Spread Footing calculator.

We are receiving exciting projects from ClearCalcs users to showcase more on our site. If you have one to share, post your photo here or send it to me at! :raising_hand_woman:t4: