"Factored" reactions for beam designs?

Is there a reason why the beam module reactions say “FactMax” and “FactMin” when working with service level / ASD design? The hover windows then say “FACTOREDMAX” and “FACTOREDMIN”.

This can be confused with actual factored results which are generally reserved for load factor design. Service level reactions are not generally considered factored, although I get that they technically may be when combined together, such as with 0.6D+W or D+.75L+0.75W.

It doesn’t take long to sort this out by looking at the results, but this could be a source of confusion with an unfamiliar user. I suggest wording more like LCMax, short for Load Case Max, or something similar.

Thanks for your suggestion, @WilsonEngineers ! Yes, so our LRFD calculators say “UltMax” and “UltMin”, and when we first added ASD support, we made the ASD equivalent “FactMax” and “FactMin”. Hindsight does make some of our decisions we made seem a bit silly, though - we probably could have made our lives easier if we’d just changed the label for all calculators to “LCMax” and “LCMin” though - that abbreviations would make sense in LRFD world too…

Thank you again!