Hi I'm Max, an Oregon coast structural engineer


I’m Max, a licensed Structural Engineer on the coast of Oregon. I work for Stability Engineering (www.stabilityengineers.com). I primarily design custom residential structures. I’m happy to finally have upgraded to a program (ClearCalcs) that utilizes both load tracking and load combinations. It really simplifies my design process and lets me focus on my instincts more than copying loads from beam to post, etc.

I have been working in the industry for 7 years and licensed for 2.

Hope to be active on here and discuss suggestions with other design professionals.


Hi Max, nice to have you aboard!!

Just taking a look at the Stability Engineering website, that’s a sweet timber truss on the front page!

Looking forward to hearing from you on here!


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Thanks! I wish I could claim that timber truss but it was designed by my coworker…