I'm Chris, CEO and co-founder at ClearCalcs

Hi, I’m Chris! Along with Steve our CTO, I co-founded ClearCalcs.

I have a background in marketing and process improvement, but it was during my time working for Intrax Consulting Engineers in Melbourne Australia that I saw first hand how manual, repetitive, and fragmented engineering calcs can be. I’m passionate about understanding how things work, and finding a better way to do them, and helping improve this became an obsession.

Nothing energises me more than speaking to our users and finding out how we’ve benefited their work, and I’m out of bed bright and early each morning enthusiastic for the next thing we can do.

Outside of work, I have a one year old son who I brainstorm new ways to make laugh each day, while also taking time to hug my miniature Labradoodle Wombat. I love cooking, skiing, reading, and travel (ideally to eat).

I’m excited to be here!


Welcome Chris!

One day, we’ll get you and Steve to share how you started ClearCalcs here with the rest of the community.

Hint: It might or might not have something to do with bicycles! :bike: :wink: