Hi! I'm Brooks, Head of Engineering R&D at ClearCalcs

Hey everyone!

I’m one of the early employees here at ClearCalcs, having joined in August 2018. My role is in Research and Development in our structural engineering work here at ClearCalcs. Basically, I maintain our finite element analysis solvers, manage our quality assurance systems for our calculators, and help solve some of the most technically challenging problems we encounter.

I grew up and went through university and grad school in the northeastern United States, but am now permanently resident in Melbourne, Australia. Before joining ClearCalcs, I did lots of research on steel foams as a new structural material, and I did some speciality engineering consulting on advanced uses of cold-formed steel - which is still my favourite material to design with! I’m a licensed Professional Engineer in the USA (in Texas), and a Chartered Professional Engineer here in Australia.

Outside of work, sometimes I actually do more engineering - I’m the primary maintainer of two open-source finite element packages: anaStruct and pyCUFSM.

However, usually I’m an outdoorsman. In 2014, I spent 6 months hiking the entire 2,185-mile / 3,517km Appalachian Trail. I love hiking, long-distance bicycle rides, gardening, or just hanging out with my wife and our greyhound in the backyard.


Great to see you here @brooks.smith! One day Stella the greyhound must make an appearance here on Blueprint! :dog: