Hi! I'm Laurent, Engineering Team Lead at ClearCalcs

Hey! I’m Laurent. I lead our team of engineers making calculators in Canada and the US. I’m passionate about all things engineering and learning. My favourite part of this job is probably speaking with and learning from engineers with so many different challenges and cool projects.

Before working here, I was a structural designer at a design-build manufacturer specializing in aluminum pedestrian bridges. I love the thrill of working on a product, whether it’s a calculator or a bridge, and to see it put into action within a few days.

Outside of work, I’m all about the outdoors. My classic weekend starts with taking my canoe out on a Friday after work and paddling under the moonlight to a remote island on crown land here in Ontario. Message me and I’m happy to share some spots! :canoe:

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Welcome @lgerin! I’m sure a lot of us here would love to see some of your bridge designs from your previous work! :foggy:

Thank you @ati.aziz :smiley:

Here’s one I took part in designing a few years ago, it’s used in a large port in Québec - aluminum made a lot of sense here to avoid corrosion. The main challenge was dealing with huge displacements (1ft - 2ft) at one end since the pier is quite flexible and moves a lot under the water movement.

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Whoa, that looks tricky to design!

I used to work in an engineering company that designs gangway for oil rigs and vessels and they specialize in heave compensation. So I can see the challenge of the displacement there for a fixed structure such as this.

How excited are you to see aluminium in ClearCalcs? :smiley: