Load linking a beam supporting tied roof rafters

I am trying to design a beam supporting the load from a roof with tied rafters. I can load link the reaction from a typical rafter but I cannot load link the reaction from a rafter created with the roof tie. There is no difference when it comes to the loads on the wall.

The work-around is to create a dummy rafter calc so that load linking works, but this should not be necessary. The dummy calc also has to be set to 2xL so that the beam takes the full load of each rafter since there is no ridge beam.

Is this a bug or is there a reason this load cannot be linked in ClearCalcs?

Hey @WilsonEngineers ! Thanks for letting us know about this and your current workaround. This is definitely not ideal and you should definitely be able to link these loads. I’ve filed a bug ticket with us so it’s on our list to investigate and fix. Very sorry about the inconvenience!