Load Combinations / Load Linking with Portal Frames and Trusses

A notable limitation of both our Portal Frame Wizard and our Truss Wizard currently is that they are both incapable of considering load combinations. They both merely ask for a total magnitude of load, with no concept of load types or combinations.

It is as a result of this limitation that we also do not currently support load linking between our beam/column calculators, and our truss and frame calculators. (Normally when you load link your beams, on the backend, we’re actually linking the reactions from the raw load types - dead load, live load, etc - independently. Without frames and trusses understanding load types, we can’t use this same load linking mechanism).

This is our thread for you to express for us adding load combinations - and load linking - to our portal frames and trusses! This is not a small project, but it is one that excites me - I would love to do it, but we need to justify the time requirement!