Multi-member design in weak axis bending

ClearCalcs returns an error message if a ganged header is wider than it is tall when checking for weak axis bending. Why? I have a header made with four 2x4s that needs to be checked for loads acting normal to the weak axis of each member but can’t. The work-around is that I have to divide the loads by two and use a header with only two members but there is no engineering reason for this limitation that I can think of.

For what it’s worth, this is a header actually with four stacked 2x4s on the flat. I am applying gravity loads as if creating weak axis bending. Yes, it is an odd detail but the program should allow me to consider it this way with four members.

Thanks for your comment @WilsonEngineers, as I had a conversation with my team and it seems that the reason that you cannot change the primary load direction for 4 x “2x4” is that we are not doing lateral torsional buckling checks for this type of configuration. That is why we don’t allow for the axis change.
We could definitely be better at communicating that in the error message. So thanks a lot for bringing that to our attention.