Strong, Weak, X and Y axes for a built-up wood post

The wood post module includes nomenclature for strong and weak axes and X and Y axes. But how do we know which is which? Are weak and X axes in the wind direction, or not? The answer is not so obvious when compared to horizontal beam type members.

With multi-member wood posts, the strong axis also doesn’t necessarily equate to the X axis and vice versa. Or does it? And built-up wood posts can have the overall strong axis be in the weak axis direction of the individual members individual members.

Suggestion: add a graphic to the post section showing both axes. Also consider using only X and Y axis nomenclature, or make it abundantly clear what the strong and weak axes are.

Hi Jim - thanks for the suggestion. I was just talking to someone else who brought up the same thing.

To be clear: in ClearCalcs X-axis always refers to the strong axis of a single-ply of the material. So if you’ve got (5) 2x6 stacked for a column, the X-axis will still be going through the long face of individual boards, ie it will refer to the “weak” axis of the column.

Great suggestion - we’ll update the graphics to make it clearer. Thanks!