Wind Loads ASCE 7-22

Hello Everyone! We have just released our wind Load calculator to ASCE7-22 standards for both Components and Cladding and MWFRS. This calculator is very similar to the ASCE 7-16 with a couple of minor differences in equation and coefficients that are listed below.

  1. Wind Directionality Factor (Kd) is applied when calculating the Design Wind Pressure (p), instead of the Velocity Pressure (qh)

  2. Formula for Velocity Pressure Exposure Coefficient (Kh)

  3. External pressure coefficients and number of zones for gable and hip roofs for Components and Cladding Calculator

  4. Load case name change for MWFRS from Load case A and B to Load Case 1 and 2

:rocket:Check out the tutorial here!

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