Bolt Group calc - Beta version

I tried the bolt group calc for the first time and successfully compared it to my own bolt group spreadsheet. I do have a few observations and suggestions:

  1. Separate the input section for moment v. vector force loadings. It is odd that you can enter a moment directly and also add an eccentricity force on the same line item. It should probably be only one or the other at a time.
  2. I tried load linking to a cantilevered beam and that also worked okay. However, the calc then multiplied the shear item by the x value on this line item and that offset the linked moment. See comment 1 above.
  3. It would be handy to also allow horizontal and perhaps also angled forces. I am analyzing a canopy that has both wind and gravity forces. The wind generates no twisting affect in my case, but is still a force that will affect the results and should be accommodated.
  4. Add to the graphic an indicator of the force direction and perhaps also the distance from the bolt group. The only word that connects the force to the diagram is the word “vertical”. But the bolt group could have a different orientation and then perhaps be unclear if it is applied correctly.

Hey Jim, just wanted to say thanks for the great feedback here. We’ve taken note and will be looking to make some changes as we take the calculator out of beta.

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