I m Maen PE civil

I m owner and design lead at K-STRUCTURE
Please visit my web site

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Bienvenue, Maen! Always good to chat with you and looking forward to some good discussions on Blueprint!


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Hi Laurent,

We need to have a time frame and your support to work asap on my required module for clearcalcs, I will baptized: BLUEPRINT,
It will Deliver 3 sets of standard size ( 24x36 Arch D, A0, etcc ) layout :
S0: GN ( General note )
S1:GA ( General Arrangement)
S2: GD ( General details )

Blueprint midule will be able to import cad 2d and exported 2d cad file and pdf .
And as i stated will be able to define substructure component ( diaphragm, panel, bays, frame, shear wall, core , foundation, grids and level) and produce a summary forces table ,uth automaticalky label members.