Residential structures (Alabama) by Bethel Group

Another project showcase is now up on our site!

This time, @Kyle_Taylor from [Bethel Group] generously shared it (

In Kyle’s own words:
This is "a residential structure located in Mobile, AL. For that project, we used the generic wood beam calculator, the floor joist calculator, and the ceiling joist calculator. "

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Love it @Kyle_Taylor this is sweet! Love all the big windows - bet those were some fun shear walls to design!

This comment brings up a question - who is actually designing shear walls for houses? We did here in the northeast US starting when the IRC codes came into existence and a few inspectors went overboard with wall bracing. I had elaborate spreadsheets developed and helped many architects and builders navigate the requirements.

But by the mid 20teens, the whole concept of shear walls was all but gone from the design process for houses, and even many simple commercial buildings. On rare occasion, I might comment about an odd house design, but even I seldom think about it. No one cares and until houses start blowing over in the northeast, I think it’s going to stay that way.

Thanks for sharing that @WilsonEngineers ! We’ve heard a fair bit more from users in high wind or seismic regions like Florida and California - would love to hear thoughts from anyone on Blueprint!