Preferred Sections should be copied when a project is duplicated

A number of users are using ClearCalcs to streamline their workflow by saving a standard project with set criteria and Preferred Sections as templates. However, when the saved project is duplicated, the list of previous Preferred Sections is not brought forward. Users need to copy the Preferred Sections as an additional step.

Ideally, the Preferred Sections should be copied over when a project is duplicated.

Do you think this will be useful in your workflow? Let us know in reply!

This sounds like a good request but I have yet to try this “preferred sections” option. I don’t copy projects and it seems too much work to create a preferred sections list for each new project. Many of my jobs are sizing less 1-6 members so I’m looking for the quickest in and out.

Conversely, I would like to see a way to hide “useless sections and materials”, like bald cypress and 4x14 member sizes, for example. I get they are there because they are in the NDS but it’s safe to say I will never see anything other than 2x4-2x6-2x8-2x10-2x12 SPF or SYP for dimensional lumber. The same is true for LVLs and glulams. I have very specific items that I use over and over again and it would be convenient to hide all the other items that I will never use.

Perhaps the preferred sections option could be more of a global setting instead of project based. Would that not check both boxes, no?

Thanks for your feedback here @WilsonEngineers. What are the most common types of projects you normally design in ClearCalcs, i.e., simple or large residential designs?

Very good insight on the less common material taking up space in the member selector database. I’m tagging our Product Designer, @anna.wan, so we can find a solution on how to make the process more intuitive for users like you.

I work on jobs anywhere from checking a hot tub on a deck to designing houses on the order of 4000 square feet or more. I would consider all of those jobs to be “small” as I can work with an architect’s plan and size all of the beams in an hour or two with ClearCalcs. 10-20 beam+footing calcs is all it takes for most situations.

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