Printouts overlapping

This may be a specific workflow issue for us, but when labeling members, we typically include a brief description of that member. Since we have a large number of calculations for the homes we are designed, this helps us maintain some “sanity” during both the design and check phases.

When linking point loads specifically, the printout comes up with two isses: cutoff text and overlapping text. Wondering if there may be a way to wrap the text into a more concise horizontal printout. so they can be read.


I had a similar conversation with ClearCalcs recently. They said they were working to revamp the way these graphics are presented.

Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.

Hi Jesse, thanks for sharing this one and sorry for the delay looping back here (and thanks @WilsonEngineers for the note!). Jim has it right, unfortunately right now this is a limitation of the graphs where there are super long labels as it’s not smart enough to identify the overlap. You’ll notice if you put the point loads very near each other they will avoid each other but it’s not as smart with long labels. We’re making some dramatic improvements to our diagram infrastructure at the moment that will really uncap what we can do here (ideas also welcome in feature requests!) so we’ll be addressing this issue as part of that rather than trying to fight the older more limited method.